We live in a world that sometimes feels very superficial.

I don’t discount that social media has helped reconnect people you wouldn’t otherwise see outside, maybe, a class reunion. It is interesting to hear about all the studies now that talk about what we are losing when we are only connecting in the digit realm.

I’ve heard several people say that we have to remember when reading other people’s posts on social media that we have to be careful not to compare our behind-the-scenes stories to someone else’s highlight reel, which is generally what most people post between shared articles about one rant or cause or the next political meme. I know I can be guilty of only sharing the happy times. After all, who wants to hear about bad news; we get enough of that already, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love celebrating others accomplishments and their successes. Oftentimes, social media is the only way I hear about those life affirming events. But we all know there are also times that aren’t so happy, or times that are just mundane and not so post-worth.

As much as I love getting the positive feedback online by way of a ‘like’ or ‘a heart’, I appreciate even more so getting affirmation in the physical sense. Knowing someone thought of me enough to go out of their way and take the time in their very busy day to reach out in a tangible way makes me feel extremely special. I’m pretty confident that I’m not alone in appreciating someone reaching out, whether in good times, hard times, or times that just reek ‘day-to-day’.

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I’m also pretty confident that sending a thoughtful card in the mail to break up the monotony would always be welcomed, no matter what kind of day someone is having.

Tammy's Stamping Creations Stampin' Up! Wonderful Romance Occasions Catalog 2019

You should try it and see what kind of reaction you get! I’d even be happy to be your test case, if you want! 🙂


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